Finding an embedded mini computer?
Want special features, functions, ports, size and layout?
Hesitate between the performance and cost?



Hardware Platform Candidates
400MHz ARM9 S3C2440 platform. lowest cost.
800MHz ARM11 S3C6410 platform.
1GHz ARM cortex A8 S5PV210 platform. most used currently.
1.5GHz quad core ARM cortex A9 Exynos4412 platform. latest.

Bluetooth v4 ble sensor
QButton, world first post-it bluetooth sensor, data open platform.

Bluetooth car key
QCarKey, World first bluetooth software car key.

Our Mission
We serve demo in days and develope prototype in weeks, high quality and high performance, system, platform and solution, adapting to special application requirement, maximum utilize resources, cpu, memory, bandwidth and power consumptionand, best balance your system cost, thus create value for you!

We do hardware design and whole product design!

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