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ITU and 3GPP Standard Speech Codec
G729AB, G723.1A, GSM AMR, Wideband AMR(G722.2), EVRC.
Fully compliant with ITU and 3GPP standard and specification(listed below), test data and reference codec.
(1) ITU-T Recommendation G.729, Coding of Speech at 8 kbit/s Using Conjugate-Structure Algebraic-Code-Excited Linear-Prediction (CS-ACELP).
(2) G729 Annex A, Reduced complexity 8 kbit/s CS-ACELP speech codec
(3) G729 Annex B, A silence compression scheme for G.729 terminals
(4) ITU-T Recommendation G.723.1, Dual rate speech coder for multimedia communications transmitting at 5.3 and 6.3 kbit/s.
(5) G.723.1 AnnexA, silence compression scheme.
(6) GSM 06.90, Digital cellular telecommunication system (Phase 2+); Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) speech transcoding.
(7) GSM 06.91, Substitution and muting of lost frame for AMR speech traffic channels.
(8) GSM 06.92, Comfort noise aspects for AMR speech traffic channels.
(9) GSM 06.93, Discontinuous transmission (DTX) for AMR speech traffic channels.
(10) GSM 06.94, Voice Activity Detector (VAD) for AMR.
(11) GSM 06.74, Test sequences for the AMR speech codec.
(12) 3GPP TS26.190, AMR Wideband speech codec; Transcoding functions(Release 5).
(13) 3GPP TS 26.194, Voice Activity Detection (VAD).
(14) 3GPP TS 26.174, AMR wideband speech codec; Test sequences.
(15) 3GPP TS 26.194, Frame Structure.
(16) 3GPP2 TIA/EIA/IS-127, Enhanced Variable Rate Codec.

(1) Lower your developing risk and boost your product TTM.
(2) Well optimized for saving CPU usage and enhancing your system performance.

Supporting TI TMS320 C54, ARM and Intel PXA platform.
C54 include C5402, C5409, C5410 and C5416.
ARM include ARM7 and ARM9.
PXA include PXA255, PXA260 and PXA270.
Supporting WinCE and Linux OS. EVC, GCC and ADS compiler.

For details of the performance of the above audio encoders and decoders, please Contact Us, demos are on requirement.

1280bps Low Bit Rate Speech Coding
Encode speech at 1280bps, Realtime compression, much lower than G.723.1 5.3kbps and GSM AMR 4.75kbps, good synthesized speech quality.

Save bandwidth and memory in the situation of limited resource, or unstable network, while still retain satisfying speech communication quality.

Supporting TI TMS320 C54, ARM and Intel PXA platform.

MP3 Decoder
Fully compliant with ISO/IEC 11172-3, 13818-3, multi channel, sampling rate 16-48kHz, bit rate 8kbps-1.5Mbps.
Supporting TI TMS320 C54, ARM and Intel PXA platform.

AAC Encoder/Decoder
Fully compliant with ISO/IEC 13818-7, 14496-3, supports LC(Low Complexity), LD(Low Delay), PNS(Perceptual Noise Shaping) and LTP(Long Term Prediction). multi channel, sampling rate 8-96kHz, bit rate 16-576kbps.
Supporting TI TMS320 C54, ARM, Freescale iMX27 and Intel PXA platform.

MIDI Encoder/Decoder
To be implemented. Simple demo on requirement.

Noise Deduction
Low Delay (10ms), Low complexity, easily ported for all platforms.
Type1, Output SNR gain 10dB when input SNR>10dB, little influnce on speech quality.
Type2, Output SNR 20dB when input SNR>5dB, a little influnce on speech quality.
DSP frequancy domain filter, well suppression of high background noise, keep speech quality.

Supporting X86, PC, Server, ARM, DSP, Windows, Linux, Android, phone, tablet etc platforms.

Adaptive Echo Cancel (AEC)
Type1, Adaptively Cancel the acoustic echo of handheld device and meeting room from speaker to microphone.
Type2, Adaptively Cancel the hybrid echo in PSTN.
Complexity < 10MIPS with mass producing verified good quality.
Supporting X86, PC, Server, ARM, DSP, Windows, Linux, Android, phone, tablet etc platforms.

DTMF Signal Generation and Detection
Demo on requirement.

Speech Recognition
Demo on requirement.



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